bath junkie is a retail store located in North Attleboro, MA. We are able to create over 60 products ranging from bath and body, cleaning, and pet products, tailored to the customer’s preferences. Choose from over 190 different scents; combine them to find the perfect one just for you. Add your favorite color and you have a unique one of a kind product. Do you love Do It Yourself (DIY) products then you’ll love bath junkie!

We specialize in birthday parties and parties for all occasions, Girl Scout Badge workshops, ladies nights out, fundraising, and party and event favors. Our customization options make us a perfect fit for every event imaginable!

Kids Birthday parties are one of our specialties! Our kids parties are custom designed for the kid who loves getting their hands messy just as much as they love bath and body products! We combine the two for a hands-on party everyone will love! You’ll love our party room perfect for your private event and the best part is we do all the work! Looking for a hassle free birthday party venue, look no further check out bath junkie today! Visit our party page for more information!  https://bathjunkienattleboro.com/parties/kids-parties/

Are you a Girl Scout Troop leader or is your daughter part of Girl Scouts? At bath junkie we offer unique badge programs for girls of all levels. What’s better than earning a badge while making your own bath and body products! For more information visit our Girl Scout Page at https://bathjunkienattleboro.com/girl-scouts/

Let us help you discover, inspire and create with Bath Junkie. Contact us today for more information.

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