Are are overcleansing your skin?

Here’s a great article we posted on our facebook page above over cleansing your skin, it’s a great read and provides some great tips we could all use.  Did you know that at bath junkie we have a great face line that starts with our walnut exfoliating face wash.  It gently exfoliates helping to remove dead and clogged skin.  Best part is you can design the scent.  My current scent is Egyptian musk and ocean rain.  Every night I finish my face routine with our primrose face cream, I’ve been using it since I opened the store almost 2 years ago and it is the BEST face cream I have ever used.  It’s 40% shea butter all natural.  I really didn’t know much about shea butter until I started using our products (our shea all over body lotion is also my favorite!) I’m going to do a separate blog on the wonders of shea! My face cream I scented lavender vanilla which I love putting on right before bed, it automatically has a calming effect!  Enjoy the article and come visit us to help design the perfect face care products for you!