Introduction to essential oils doTERRA

Introduction to Essential Oils Class

Introduction to Essential Oils

Good afternoon fellow bath junkies!  Some of you may know that we added a line of essential oils awhile back.  I decided to go with doTERRA for a number of reasons but mailhy because of their reputation for overall quality of products and the ethics behind the company.  When I first started out I was not a believer in the overall health benefits of essential oils.  I can tell you 2 years later I am 100% converted.  My entire family uses essential oils daily both as preventative care and to address any health or skin issues that are on-going.

Why attend a class

This is your chance!  Have you heard about essential oils, but aren’t exactly sure when, where or how to use them? Come learn the basics and the benefits.  Not only can essential oils be used as great scents, but they can also help keep you healthy and enhance your quality of life.  In this class, you will learn their different uses, how they can help keep you and your family from getting sick, and be able to sample different oils.  We bascially go through 10 essential oils in depth including some of my favorites such as lemon, lavender, peppermint and frankincense.  Then we can look at any other oils that address issues and concerns of the group.  I carry almost all of the oils doTERRA offers so we can pretty much cover any issues out there!

Next class and how to register

Our next class is coming up quick, Sunday February 11th from 4-6pm .  The cost of the workshop is $15, however you’ll receive a FREE essential oil diffuser at the conclusion of class.  Space is limited and registration is required, please contact the store directly to register.

To register for this event, call (508) 695-2285 or register online here