Learn How to Braid

Learn How to Braid at bath junkie!

Learn how to braid at bath junkie We started our learn how to braid class two years ago in January and typically run it on a weekend afternoon in the winter months.  It’s become very popular and usually sells out quickly.  It came about last winter when I was trying to figure out some new exciting workshops that would get people out of the house.  If you remember 2 years ago was the winter we broke snow fall records!  So I know people would be looking for something fun to do to beat the winter blues so to speak!  I always try to pair our workshops with products we make in the store so we can combine the two for extra hands on fun.  I have two girls of my own and while I knew how to french braid that was about it so that’s where the idea for the hair braiding class came from.

Let the Braiding Begin

Initially I paired with a hair dresser from the local Snipits class and she taught 3 basic braids, the french braid, fish bone and crown (or twist).  She did about 3 of my classes and then it just became difficult trying to get our schedules to match since weekends are also busy times for hair dressers.  I went out on a limb and thought I can teach this class!  Over time I’ve become much more comfortable and if I do say so myself quite the expert at these 3 braids.  

I do love this class because participants will definitely leave knowing how to do all three braids.  They might not look perfect but over time they will master them.  Plus the girls first get to make our leave in hair conditioner to use during the class which is so much fun.  In teaching this class several times we have made some adjustments and only take 12 mother/daughter participant pairs to keep it a little more intimate and instructive and I leave extra time at the end for those who want to continue practicing so I can assist them.

So if you’ve always wanted to learn this may be the class for you!  Our next class is Saturday Feb. 10th 10:30-11:30, come with friends and share this post for friends!

For more information on the class:   https://bathjunkienattleboro.com/workshops/#!event/2018/2/10/learn-how-to-braid

To register online:  https://bathjunkienattleboro.com/event-registration/

Hope to see you at the workshop!  Until next bath time!