Restlye Leave In Conditioner

Restyle Leave in Conditioner

Leave in conditioner and detangler

Works as a Detangler

Are you tired of products leaving your hair greasy after application?  This is one of my favorite and most used products in our household.  I have two girls ages 15 and 12 and they use this daily in the morning as a detangler.  It’s perfect to help brush out their long hair.  Not only that but you can reapply throughout the day it and doesn’t build up or get greasy.

Great Leave In Conditioner 

Detanglers are also leave-in conditioners and our Restyle is  chock full of nourishing oils and shea butter that will help moisturize long after your conditioner dries. If you’re prone to super dry hair, detanglers are essential for you!  They are not just for the winter months either.  Sun during hot dry summer months can damange your hair.  Conditioners are a great defense against sun damange

Smoother Strands

The way detanglers work is that they smooth your hair shaft, so your hair is less likely to build up friction and stick to other strands of hair and therefore gets less tangly, genius! This results in super smooth hair, so detanglers and leave in conditioners can help with frizz, soothe flyaways, and overall make your hair look a whole lot better

Lice Prevention

OK we don’t all like to talk about it but it is an issue if you have smaller children.  Now adays due to the HIPAA laws schools can’t notify you when there is a lice breakout in the classroom.  Therefore prevention is key!  With our Restyle we add essential oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary, melaleuca, and peppermint.  This keeps the bugs away and gives you peace of mind!

No matter how you look at it leave in conditioners are great for your hair, make sure you add this to your daily routine today!