Summer Coffee Scrubs

Hello fellow bath junkies!  If you’ve been in our store before then you have most likely experienced our complimentary hand treatment with our exfoliating salt scrub.  But have you tried our coffee scrub?  Did you know that the caffeine in coffee has a number of benefits for your skin, from treating redness and inflammation, to reducing the appearance of under-eye circles, to getting rid of cellulite. By incorporating caffeine into your skin care routine, you can reveal evenly toned, smooth skin all over your body. Caffeine has potent anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for reducing inflammation and redness in your skin.  We’ve mixed up some of our favorite summer coffee scents for our coffee scrub station that you can try or you can custom make up your own blend.  Who doesn’t want something that smells good and gets rid of cellulite!

New Candy Soap Shop

We are so excited to announce a new line of soaps in our store, our candy soap shop!  Now you can get all your favorite candies, like gummy bears, gummy worms, jelly beans, licorice, rock candy, Swedish fish and much more as soap!  It’s so much fun to fill up a bag of candy soap and even more fun to display them in your bathroom!  Use them as hand soaps or in the bath, it’s such a fun way to add a little suds to your life!  You can check out pictures of our new soaps under our featured products section of our website.  We’d love to hear from you, what’s your favorite candy?  Mine is definitely Swedish fish!

Father’s Day gifts and workshop

Father’s day is just around the corner and we have gift options for dad.  Whether you want to pick something up already made and ready to go or make it yourself, we can make your shopping hassle free!  We have a great selection of pre-made gifts dad is sure to enjoy from coffee scrubs to man sprays!  If the kids want to make hands on gifts we have workshops scheduled at each location where the kids can come in and make 3 products for just $25, that’s over a $23 savings, plus they get to make them themselves.  If you’re interested be sure to contact the stores to sign up today.  You may not know that we have “knock off” cologne scents perfect for dad such as Polo Sport, Cool Water, Jean-Paul Guttier and many more!  Or maybe mix up some leather and bamboo!  Our supplies for the pre-made gift options are limited so stop by today!

New Blog!

Hello fellow bath junkie! I am so excited to welcome you to our new blog site! You can now access information regarding both our store locations, our products, parties and more all in one place! Please take a moment to look through some of our options such as parties, Girl Scout Badges, custom favors and fundraising! I’ll be updating our blog with new products and promotions just in time for the holidays! I welcome any feedback you have so please let us know what you think of our site!