Custom created cleaning products!

OK lets face it junkies how many of you out there actually knew we carried a cleaning line!  For those of you who have been into one of our stores, at first it’s a bit overwhelming trying to figure out why everything on the shelves are empty (because you have to design your scent and pick your color!) so needless to say our cleaning line often goes overlooked.  But we do have a great line with over 15 products!  I’m not going to list them all here and bore you with describing them all, but I do want to talk about my top 3 picks.  Number 3, our dish soap. I admit it I was skeptical at first, would this really get my dishes clean and can I use it when soaking my pots.  So of course I tried in and loved it!  I like that I can change my scent out and I can color it to match my kitchen.  I usually go back and forth between oranges and yellows.  Right now it’s scented ginger, nutmeg and clove, it smells great!  Number 2 is our linen spray.  I think my daughter is actually a bigger fan of this then I am.  She sprays her sheets every night before going to bed (I’m lucky to do it about 3 times a week, the other times I’m to tired and lucky I can crawl into bed!!) but it does smell great and the whole room smells of the custom scent. I actually like using it for my kids because I think it helps calm them down after a busy day especially if it’s soothing scent like lavender.  So what is my number 1 product you ask?  Why it’s our Clean Freak all purpose cleaner!  This stuff works on almost everything but it’s particularly great on granite and stainless steel.  So get rid of those messy stainless steel cleaners that are just gross to clean with and go to this amazing product.  I love that I can clean my entire kitchen with just one product.   You can even use it on mirrors.  I do have some favorite scents, like ocean rain and Egyptian musk in the summer, sage and citrus in the spring and yes my good old favorite for the fall, ginger, nutmeg, clove and pumpkin!  If I clean my kitchen counters in the morning when I come home from work in the afternoon the kitchen still smells great!  Now if I could just figure out how to get the kids to use this product I’d be all set!!  So come on in and check out our full cleaning line, it’s sure to make cleaning a little more pleasant!