My Favorite Product!

OK I have to blog today about my favorite product, moisturizing detox rocks!  I admit it I am a full fledged bath junkie, literally.  That’s right I love my baths!  My relaxation routine at night (once all the kids are asleep or lets face it at least out of my hair) I love lighting a few candles, grabbing a glass of wine and sinking into my tub full of detox rocks!  This is truly an amazing product.  We infuse it with olive oil and shea butter so your skin fills so soft and silky once you get out, I don’t even add any lotion afterwards.  I tell all our customers in the store that you can literally feel the difference between your arm that’s soaking in the tub and the one that’s not, it’s that good!!  I change my scents up for the season, right now I’m into oatmeal, milk, & honey and cranberry, smells so yummy!  I also keep a tub of peppermint and eucalyptus near by for those nights I’m trying to relieve my tired muscles.  If you’re a “bath” junkie and not addicted to your bubbles, I encourage you to swap out your old stuff and make room for the new love of bath time, moisturizing detox rocks.  The name really does say it all and now I can’t wait to take my bath tonight!