Soy Drop Candles

I’m so excited about this new product!  I searched for months to find a way we could make custom candles using the scents that we have!  We could have made pillar candles similar to what you buy at Yankee Candle but we wanted something a bit more unique in keeping with the overall theme of our store.  So we finally found soy drops.  These are 100% soy wax beds that we purchase from a candle distributor.  Then we custom make our drops right in our store using our own oils and candle coloring.  It’s a bit of a math problem (everything is figured out by weight) but once we got it right there was no stopping us as we created over 12 different scents.  The whole concept is you can combine the way drops to make a custom scent.  So if you want to mix pumpkin and vanilla or oatmeal, milk, & honey and cranberry you can!  Since this is a new product for us, we’ve done extensive testing on how they look, smell and burn.  I am not over exaggerating when I say these are GREAT!  I took home a 4oz jar of the drops along with our aroma lamp.  We’ve been lighting it every night and our kitchen smells great.  The color is fantastic when the combined waxes melt.  The wax has really lasted, I haven’t added any to the glass bowl in a week.  I have gone through several of the tea light candles and I’m amazed the wax is still almost full.  If you are a die hard candle fan this is a must have! (It also makes a really unique gift!).  We can even create soy drops just for you if you want to create your own scent and pick your own color. There is a 1lb minimum order for this custom scent but we can do it!  I hope you get a chance to check these out in the stores.  We have a feeling they are going to go quick for the holidays!